What People Are Saying

Kia Hielper is an amazing woman. You can trust Kia 100%. When you know Kia, you know she got your back. She is a brave and fearless public speaker who wants to share her story to encourage women who have gone through trauma, so they know they are not alone.

Women that had experienced any sexual abuse or molestation can find comfort in Kia’s love and support. When you talk to Kia, you know she is listening.

Sexual abuse, assault, or molestation towards little girls and women is a big problem. And I know for Kia, it goes beyond her personal story. When women talk to Kia, they feel embraced, and she can support them on their journey and remove , fears, and trauma.

By accepting her pain and searching for justice, Kia is helping women and leading the way to a future every woman and every little girl deserves. Freedom from sexual trauma.

Instead of getting stuck in the shock of her story, Kia bravely talks about her story openly and believes that this is her big mission in life, to help other women live free from sexual abuse.

Adriana Ponzanelli
Chief Oral, Gut and Brain Officer @ Ecotummy

Kia takes her own story of abuse and transforms it from one of pain and suffering to a journey of healing, not only for herself, but for others as well. Through her compassion, knowledge and insights Kia provides the key to help others unlock the chains of abuse. Her courage to share her story of abuse from a victim’s perspective is a gift to be embraced. Having witnessed first hand Kia’s impact, I am grateful for her voice and passion on this issue.

Sandy Phillips Kirkham Speaker and author of “Let Me Prey Upon You”

Kia was a guest speaker at the Parenting Safe Children Workshop (a workshop on empowering adults to keep children safe from sexual assault) in Boulder, Colorado and spoke to a room of 100 parents. She shared her story of sexual assault at the hands of her youth pastor during her teen years. She spoke about her abuse with an eloquence and honesty that helped parents understand from the child’s perspective what they can do to keep their children safe. Her willingness to answer any questions parents had was invaluable.

Healing for survivors begins when they speak out and Kia is doing that beautifully. 

Feather Berkower, M.S.W.
Child Sexual Assault Prevention Educator & Author

Having collaborated with Kia Hiepler in ministering to victims of clergy sexual abuse, I consider her to be wise and mature beyond her years–totally trustworthy in both her insights and her integrity. From her own experience of suffering and triumphant recovery, she is an anointed and empowered advocate for victims of abuse. 

Martin Weber, DMin, Hospital Chaplain, Board Member for The Hope of Survivors