Flipping Right-Side Up

A little over a year ago my life had started to flip upside down, but because it was really upside down it was flipping ride-side up.

Everything started to change and it was the beginning of God delivering me from clergy sexual abuse. While it was incredibly difficult, it was incredibly encouraging because I knew I wasn’t where I was supposed to be and I hated it. I had cried out to God often, I had tried to do everything I could to get where I needed to be, and nothing I did worked. I had to surrender and ask God to do whatever He needed to to get me to where I needed to be. So, like the faithful Father He is, He did and He continues to.

He stripped away everything that was hindering me and He showed me how to move forward. He lead me each and every step of the way, He gave me the courage to speak up, the courage and determination to stand up for the truth, and the strength to let go of everything that isn’t right for me. He’s pulled me out of the spiderweb of manipulation, isolation, and deception. He’s enabled me to let go for of everything I’ve needed to and helped me to walk forward into everything He has for me.

A couple times this week I had family members tell me that they were glad Kia was back. I had become a stranger in my own body and a girl no one knew. For the first time in a really long time, I have joy again, my humor is back, and my love for adventure is back.

When I think about everything this last year, I’m reminded that if God can deliver me, He can do anything. He took what I thought was impossible and couldn’t do on my own and He made it possible.

Whatever challenges you face, remember God is bigger. He is capable and He answers the prayers of His children.

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